Belgrade Airport to City Center Calculator

Transportation Belgrade to city Price Calculator


Instructions for using this calculator:


1. **Transportation Selection**: First, choose the type of transportation from the "Transportation" dropdown menu. You have the following options:

   - **Bus 72**: City bus line 72.

   - **A1 Minibus**: Minibus line A1.

   - **Taxi (max 3 passengers and 3 bags)**: A taxi with a capacity of up to 3 passengers and 3 bags.

   - ** (max 3 passengers and 3 bags)**: A private car with a capacity of up to 3 passengers and 3 bags.

   - ** Basta Private 7-Seater Van (max 7 passengers and 5 bags)**: A private 7-seater minivan with a capacity of up to 7 passengers and 5 bags.


2. **Currency Selection**: Next, choose the currency in which you want to display the price. You can select RSD (Serbian dinars), USD (US dollars), or EUR (euros).


3. **Number of Passengers and Bags**: Enter the number of passengers and the number of bags in the respective fields. This information will affect the final cost of transportation.


4. **Arrival Time**: Enter the arrival time in the "Arrival Time" field. This will be used to check if public transportation is available at that time.


5. **Press "Calculate"**: Click the "Calculate" button to calculate the transportation cost.


6. **Result**: The transportation cost will be displayed below the "Calculate" button in the chosen currency.


If you choose "Taxi," the price will be based on the number of passengers, and you will be informed of how many vehicles you need and the total cost.


Note: This calculator also has restrictions on the availability of public transportation at specific times, such as the departures of bus 72 and A1 Minibus. If transportation availability is limited at the time you've entered, you will receive an appropriate message. Taxis, private cars, and minivans are available 24/7 and are not subject to time restrictions.