10 -Must taste dining in Belgrade

Jul 01, 2023

Experience the Taste of Belgrade

Belgrade, the vibrant capital of Serbia, is a city that never sleeps. But it's not just about the nightlife. The culinary scene in Belgrade is a smorgasbord of tastes, textures, and traditions. This city offers a delightful mix of local and international cuisine, sure to satisfy any food lover's palate. Here are ten must-visit dining spots in Belgrade.

Belgrade dining
Location Beton Hala Ambar bar

1. Ambar

Located in the heart of Belgrade, Ambar is a modern and stylish restaurant offering a creative twist on traditional Balkan cuisine. Their unlimited brunch is a must-try, with a variety of dishes served in small portions, allowing you to sample a wide array of flavors.

2. Tri Šešira

For a taste of authentic Serbian cuisine, head to Tri Šešira. This restaurant, located in the historic Skadarlija district, has been serving traditional dishes for over a century. Don't miss their specialty, the Karadjordjeva schnitzel.

Tri šešira
Tri šešira restorant in skadarlija street

3. Smokvica

Breakfast Spot

If you're a breakfast enthusiast, Smokvica is the place to be. With several locations across the city, this cafe and restaurant serves a wide range of breakfast options, from healthy smoothie bowls to indulgent pancakes.

4. Manufaktura

Local Produce

For a farm-to-table experience, visit Manufaktura. This restaurant takes pride in using locally sourced ingredients to create their dishes. The rustic interior and charming outdoor seating area make it a perfect spot for a leisurely meal.

Manufaktura Belgrade
Manufaktura restorant

5. Lorenzo & Kakalamba

Quirky and Fun

For something a little different, try Lorenzo & Kakalamba. This eccentric restaurant is a feast for the senses, with its eclectic decor and fusion of Tuscan and Pirot cuisine. It's a dining experience you won't forget in a hurry.

6. Madera

Located near the Tasmajdan Park, Madera is a classic Belgrade restaurant known for its high-quality food and excellent service. The restaurant's outdoor terrace is a popular spot in the summer, offering stunning views of the park.

Madera restaurant

7. Comunale

Italian Cuisine

If you're craving Italian food, Comunale is your spot. Located on the banks of the Sava River, this restaurant serves a variety of Italian dishes with a modern twist. The view of the river and the city skyline is a bonus.

8. Toro Latin GastroBar

Latin Flavors

For a taste of Latin America in the heart of Belgrade, visit Toro Latin GastroBar. This trendy spot offers a menu inspired by Latin American street food, paired with an impressive selection of cocktails.

Toro Latin GastroBar
Toro latin gastro bar

9. Frans

Fine Dining

If you're looking for a fine dining experience, Frans is a great choice. This elegant restaurant offers a menu of international dishes, paired with an extensive wine list. The beautiful garden seating area is perfect for a romantic dinner.

10. The Black Turtle Pub

For Beer Lovers

Last but not least, no visit to Belgrade would be complete without a pint at The Black Turtle Pub. This microbrewery offers a variety of craft beers, including their signature fruit beers, in a cozy and relaxed setting.

Black Turtle Pub
Black Turtle pub

Whether you're a foodie, a beer enthusiast, or simply a traveler looking to experience local culture, Belgrade's dining scene has something for everyone. So, get ready to eat your way through this exciting city!