From Belgrade airport to city center options

Jul 01, 2023By stanko stosic
stanko stosic

Arriving at Belgrade Airport

Welcome to Belgrade, the vibrant capital of Serbia! If you've just landed at Nikola Tesla Airport, you're probably wondering how to get to the city center. Don't worry, there are several convenient options available, and we're here to guide you through them.

Option prices and time of jurney

1. Taxi:  3000 rsd, ( 26 eur, 30 usd ) 30 minutes

2. A1 suttle bus: 400 rsd ( 3,6 eur; 4  usd ), 40-50 min

3. Public Bus 72: 90 rsr ( 0,7 eur; 0,9 usd), 40-60 min

4. Renting car , Depending on company. Do not let overcharge You contact us and we will connect You with some good rent a car 

5. Private transfer:  from 3000 rsd ( 25 eur ; 30 usd ) 30 min

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Belgrade airport
Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla

Option 1: Taxi

The quickest, but also the most expensive option, is to take a taxi. The taxi stand is located right outside the terminal. It's important to note that in Belgrade, taxi fares are regulated. Always ensure the taxi driver turns on the meter to avoid being overcharged. And No its Not 1800 rsd for a Taxi ride, it use to be 3 years ago. Now in 2023, The ride to the city center usually costs around 3000 Serbian Dinar (approx. 25€).

Our advice is to avoid taxi drivers who wait for you at the exit gate, offering their services, as they often overcharge. When getting into a taxi you've found on the street, rather than booking through an app or a call, always ask for an approximate price. If the driver claims not to know or insists on using the meter, it's better to avoid them. This rule is generally applicable when using taxis in Belgrade and elsewhere.

Beogradski Taxi, Pink Taxi

Beogradski Taxi and Pink Taxi are a reputable companys that operates at the airport. They offer a flat rate to the city center, which can be a good option if you prefer a set price.

Yandex app

Yandex is an app widely used by drivers from nearly all taxi companies in Belgrade. It's user-friendly; you simply need to input your pickup location and destination, and it will calculate the fare. With just a click, you can request a taxi.

Get your Yandex app here


  • Direct transportation to your destination.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Comfortable and private.


  • Can be expensive.
  • Potential for unregulated taxis to charge higher fares. 
Belgrade taxi

Option 2: A1 shuttle bus

A cheaper, yet still comfortable option is to take a minibus. The A1 mini bus line operates from the airport to Slavija Square, in the city center. The ticket costs 400 Serbian Dinar (approx. 3.5€) and can be bought directly from the driver. The first departure of a1 is at 07:20am from the airport, at 06:30 from Slavija square the last A1 departure is at 19:00 from Slavia, and at 20:00 from the Airport


Connects the airport with Slavija Square in the city center.

More comfortable than city buses.

More luggage space.


More expensive than city buses.

Can get crowded during peak hours.

Not available around the clock.

Paying in Serbian dinars

Last departure form airport 20:00

Belgrade Airport A1 suttle bus Timetable

A1 arriaval FROM airport

0720 4520 4520 4507
0810 3510 3510 3508
0900 25 5000 25 5000 25 5009
1015 4015 4015 4010
1105 30 5505 30 5505 30 5511
1220 4520 4520 4512
1310 3510 3510 3513
1400 25 5000 25 5000 25 5014
1515 4015 4015 4015
1605 30 5505 30 5505 30 5516
1720 4520 4520 4517
1810 3510 3510 3518
1900 2500 2500 2519
Valid from: 16-09-2023

A1shuttle bus timetable
Hourworking daySutSunHour
0630 5530 5530 5506
0720 4520 4520 4507
0810 3510 3510 3508
0900 25 5000 25 5000 25 5009
1015 4015 4015 4010
1105 30 5505 30 5505 30 5511
1220 4520 4520 4512
1310 3510 3510 3513
1400 25 5000 25 5000 25 5014
1515 4015 4015 4015
1605 30 5505 30 5505 30 5516
1720 4520 4520 4517
1810 3510 3510 3518

Public Bus

If you're not in a hurry and want to save some money, you can take public bus line 72. The bus stop is located a short walk from the terminal building. A ticket costs 89 Serbian Dinar (approx. 0.5€) and cant be bought from the driver or at the airport's newsstand. The bus runs every 30 minutes and the journey to the city center takes about 40-50 minutes.

Last 72 bus from airport to Zeleni Venac goes at 23:20 and until 4am there are no buses.


Cheap option.

Bus Line 72 connects the airport to Zeleni Venac in the city centre.


May get crowded.

Limited luggage space.

Not available around the clock.

Can be slow due to multiple stops

You will need Serbian sim card to pay ticket

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Belgrade bus

Option 3: Belgrade Car Rental

If you prefer to drive yourself, there are several car rental companies at the airport. This option gives you the freedom to explore Belgrade and its surroundings at your own pace. Remember, though, that finding a parking spot in the city center can be challenging and parking fees apply.


Convenience of having your own vehicle.

Flexibility in terms of schedule and destinations.

Hard to find parking in city center


Can be expensive.

You need an International Driving Permit.

City traffic and parking can be challenging.

Contact us if you need help to rent a car.

Option 4: Belgrade airport Private Transfer

For a hassle-free journey, consider booking a private transfer with Airport Transfer Basta. Many companies offer this service in Belgrade. You'll be met at the airport and driven directly to your accommodation. This is a great option if you're traveling with a lot of luggage, as a family, or if you simply value comfort and convenience.

Check our prices Airport to City here


Direct transportation to your desired destination.

Available 24/7.

Fixed prices.

Comfortable and private.

Suitable for groups or families.


More expensive than public transport.

Need to book in advance.

Book your private transfer with Basta is for the price of 30eur.

Belgrade private transfer

Cheep Flight tickets to and from Belgrade Airport

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Young man and womman exploring Belgrade on the city map
Travel in style

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose a taxi, bus, rental car, or private transfer, getting from Belgrade airport to the city center is straightforward. Consider your budget, time constraints, and personal preferences when choosing the best option for you. Welcome to Belgrade!

Regardless of one's budget or travel preferences, Belgrade offers various options for cost-effective travel, including cheap flights.

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